Meet the Font Detectives Who Ferret Out Fakery | Backchannel | WIRED

What does international political corruption have to do with type design? Normally, nothing—but that’s little consolation for the former prime minister of Pakistan. When Nawaz Sharif and his family came under scrutiny earlier this year thanks to revelations in the Panama Papers, the smoking gun in the case was a font. The prime minister’s daughter, Maryam Sharif, provided an exculpatory document that had been typeset in Calibri—a Microsoft font that was only released for general distribution nearly a year after the document had allegedly been signed and dated.

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”Taking a Line for a Walk” – My Calligraphic Journey

Kom och möt den brittiska kalligrafen och bokstavskonstnären Rachel Yallop! Låt henne ta dig med på en bildspäckad resa genom sitt kalligrafiska konstnärskap och ta del av hennes rika kunskap.

Fredagen den 13 oktober kl. 17.00 på Folkuniversitetet, Kungstensgatan 45, Stockholm. Föreläsningen är ca 45 minuter lång och hålls på engelska.

Anmälan senast den 11 oktober till
Pris: 100 kr. Betalas efter bekräftelse om plats.
Begränsat antal platser.

Arrangörer för eventet är gillesmedlemmarna: Annika Petersson och Anna Lindholm.


Cooper— Designed by Oswald Cooper | Font Review

Is there a font that’s been used as successfully as often as Cooper Black and gets less respect? We’re not too far off from Cooper Black’s 100th birthday, and I’m going to do my damnedest to give it the analysis it deserves. For this review, I’ll mostly be covering the Black weight of the Cooper family, though there will be some scattered examples of the lighter (and less popular) weights. Go big or go home!

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I ♥, your design and typography playground and resource.

100% practical. Sketches have been made to explain some basic issues in type design during the workshops. They get used to point out some problems which raise while creating a new typeface. Only some foundations are shown, no deep sophisticated details.

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From Modular Scales to Variable Fonts | Type Thursday

Scott Kellum, developer and designer, talks about using modular scales when setting type and why he is excited about the arrival of variable fonts for the web.

Scott Kellum is a front-end developer and the designer behind — a guide to using modular scales to set type on the web. In this interview we discuss how to think about proportion and end on why Scott thinks the future of type lies in variable fonts. …

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User Interfaces for Variable Fonts | A List Apart


The tools we design with have a unique effect on the way we work, constraining and empowering us while we explore, examine and create. Variable fonts give us a new, wide open typographic space with which to work. Instead of prescribing value to individual UI elements in a vacuum, we should take a hybrid and calculated approach to variable font interfaces. How do we structure our design tools to adapt to the new advantages variable fonts provide us with?

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