Tuna: a new serif by Ligature Inc.

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Regardless of the typeface’s name, there is nothing fishy about Tuna, the new body text font recently released by Ligature Inc, a young type design company from Germany. With a contemporary design and subtle calligraphic hints, the typeface was built with readability in mind. You can purchase it from MyFonts.

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Rejecting Infill-ism and Waterfalls of Mediocrity

Two recent interviews touch on a perceived degradation of quality and originality in type design.

“It has become a lot easier to come up with a design that looks acceptable at first sight. But this does not mean that new things are automatically genuine or authentic. The type design community fails to be critical enough towards itself; we seem to welcome everything … this attitude will ensure a waterfall of mediocrity.” —Fred Smeijers, Eye no. 90 vol. 23, 2015

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Today Sans Now

I’ve been asked repeatedly to write reviews of my favorite typeface releases of the year, and always wince, as I’m barely aware of any new releases, and tend to use a small handful of tried and trues, and am a bit confused by the endless flood of new designs.

So as I was composing my thanks-but-no-thanks email reply, I was shocked to find not one but two new faces that I not only liked, but actually loved. (One review will come later this year.)

Who’d have thought Today Sans would get taken in, bathed, shaved — and remastered by the technically solid foundry Elsner+Flake? Meritorious!

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