Design Principles

What are Design Principles?

Design Principles are a set of considerations that form the basis of any good product.

Why use them?

Design Principles help teams with decision making. A few simple principles or constructive questions will guide you towards making appropriate decisions.

Who use them?

Organisations, individuals and product teams have benefitted from writing and following their principles.


Web Typography & Layout: Past, Present, and Future

Can typography encourage long-form reading—not just scanning? What are the most exciting areas of cutting-edge experimentation in typographic technology and digital layout, and what new skills will we need to design tomorrow’s web content? Three experts—Mozilla’s Jen Simmons, publication design legend Roger Black, and ALA’s Jeffrey Zeldman—discuss typography and layout on today’s web: where we are now, and where we’re going.

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Typography is impossible – Medium Engineering

The practical guide to why laying out type never quite does what you want

You’re a front-end engineer, building boxes and putting text inside them. A lot of websites, and a lot of native apps, are basically that — text flowing into boxes. It’s a testament to typography that hundreds of years since Gutenberg, letters and boxes keep reinventing themselves and finding new jobs to do, in materials and technologies that were once future’s future.

Bra läsning om typsättning för webb: Typography is impossible – Medium Engineering

The Weekly Typographic

Our very first episode ever, we start off with an exciting handful of neat stuff we found this week for our Weekly Typographic newsletter — IBM’s first open-source font, a big upgrade to WhatTheFont, and type-picking tips from Michael Beirut. Not to mention a couple really exciting League announcements we’re psyched to tease.

Intros & Big Announcements + IBM, WhatTheFont, & Michael Beirut 👋

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Bedow — Podcast: Grafisk Design

Welcome to the podcast GRAFISK DESIGN. Since the interviews are in Swedish we are going över till svenska på den här delen av vår hemsida för en stund. I den här podcasten träffar PERNICLAS BEDOW en skara utövare i den svenska designbranschen som förhoppningsvis ger en bra bild av vad vi sysslar med om dagarna. Hoppas att du gillar!

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