Better UI for Better Typography


Designers ask Adobe for a better user interface for type

The introduction of OpenType fonts in 2000 offered designers a rich and sophisticated typographic repertoire. The number of fonts that support these typographic features has grown exponentially over the years. And yet, we – the designers, producers, and users of digital type – have observed with growing despair how software applications offering typesetting capabilities have failed to provide an adequate typographic interface.

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Extra Condensed No.1 | The Counter Press

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Extra Condensed is a little letterpress newspaper, of sorts. The (very) occasional publication of work, musings and typographic meanderings from The Counter Press.

It’s a long time since newspapers were printed by letterpress. Today this antiquated process is typically the reserve of limited edition prints and fine press books. Fortsätt läsa Extra Condensed No.1 | The Counter Press

The First Female Typographer | ILT


In the fifteenth century women had few career opportunities. Few, bar those in the higher social classes were even sent to school, and women were not admitted to universities (Oxford university didn’t permit women to matriculate or graduate until 1920). Their options were very limited and pessimistically and perhaps a little exaggeratedly summed up by Sherrill Cohen, who wrote that medieval women faced just three options: ‘marriage, monasticism, and prostitution.’ (Cohen, p. 170). For those who did not join a convent, marriage came early: ‘an unmarried girl of sixteen or seventeen was a catastrophe.’ (Plumb, p. 132).

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