”När jag tecknar typsnitt är jag en del av ett större sammanhang” | CAP&Design


Sten A Olssons kulturstipendium går i år till typsnittsdesignern Carolina Laudon. Laudon har arbetat med att ta fram typsnitt för bland annat Systembolaget och Dagens Nyheter. Nu ställer hon ut på Göteborgs konstmuseum.       

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Web FontFonts now with OpenType Layout Features

GÅ TILL FONTFONT »Introducing: Web FontFonts with OpenType layout features, streamlined formats and the new and improved Subsetter

We are delighted to announce that our Web FontFonts now include OpenType Layout Features. What’s more we’ve simplified our webfont formats and updated the free Subsetter tool, so you can now customize your Web FontFonts for optimum performance.

OpenType Web Magic 

With OpenType Layout Features, you can spice up your web identity through the magic of ligatures, stylistic alternates, figure sets, fractions, small caps and even swashes (if available in the font). Thanks to a selection of 1,600 Web FontFonts, your typographic toolbox is bigger and better equipped than ever before. With beautifully advanced typographic features that are supported by all desktop browsers (except Safari), OpenType gives you endless opportunities to bring type to life.

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Kerning conference – 3-5 juni

Kerning conference 2015

On June 3rd and 4th (only workshops)and 5th (conference day) 2015 we will gather in Faenza, in the very heart of Italy, top notch speakers from the whole world of digital and web typography to create an unique event.

Kerning features two days of workshops (June 3rd and 4th) and a Conference day full of talks (June 5th). Kerning offers a very interesting chance to meet developers, gurus, managers and innovators from all over the world.

Kerning is a non-profit event. We want to help grow a community of prepared developers keeping knowledge affordable: that’s why full ticket costs just Eur. 195.00 (VAT included).