Type.World – Developer Information

Ett projekt i vardande. Intressant projekt som låter dig hålla i en typsnitts-server för att distribuera typsnitt till prenumeranter.

Mjukvaran är gratis.

Skaparen själv tar upp några fall:

”A font publisher who operates their own online shop (could be a self-publishing foundry or a reseller of several foundries) wants to make all of their end user’s purchases available for the end users to easily download and install.”

”Type shops that engage in corporate branding exercises often find themselves in the situation that they have to send out regular updates of their fonts to work groups within their client’s branding companies, whose designers are already working on designs with fonts that are still being developed.”

”A scenario for a free font website would be to offer one subscription for each typeface that they are offering.”

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Kontrapunkt – Sonic Typeface for Goertek

In close collaboration with Nippon Design Center of Japan, we designed a sound sensitive typeface for Chinese audio tech company Goertek. Based on surrounding sounds, it changes appearance by vibrating in different frequencies and wave types.
The dynamic typeface is created for use on digital signage and wayfinding throughout Goertek’s groundbreaking R&D hub in Qingdao, China.

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Roboto Bold Animated Alphabet Kit by Juan Maguid

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pre-animated A-Z SVG alphabet in a nice font like Roboto? Of course. Free? Yes!

All characters come as separately animated .svgs so you can build your own sentences. Also included is each characters .keyshape file and the .sketch file for even further customization, like changing the timing of the animation or setting up your very own font. Awesome!

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Martin Luther Handwriting Font by Harald Geisler | Kickstarter

Hello, my name is Harald Geisler and I am a typographer. In my past Kickstarter projects I successfully created digital typefaces of Albert Einstein’s and Sigmund Freud’s handwriting. The projects were funded by thousands of supporters on Kickstarter – Thank you!


Directed by John Carpenter | Fonts in Use

Long before you see the dogs transmuted into vicious, physically indeterminate fiends, or Kurt Russell’s monocular anti-hero, named “Snake,” surfing in the submerged city grid of a future dystopian Los Angeles, the essence of most any John Carpenter film is evident in its opening moments, even before his name is seen keystoned atop some spare and ominous title. First there are the antecedent notes of one of his minimalist synthesizer scores (educated as a musician, Carpenter composed the scores to sixteen of his films) which are soon followed by the title credits set in Albertus.

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Create Your Own Font in 48 hours – Type Thursday | Medium

Type Jam just held it’s first event in September, challenging teams to create a font in just 48 hours, from concept to digitisation. We spoke to Jake about creating fonts as a newb, about the mechanics of orchestrating a hackathon — and finally we took a closer look at the top 3 winning typefaces.

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