Born typeface – Carlos del Toro

Born is more than a typeface, it’s also a story: that of my 2013. A story about moving to the big city, the result of meeting great people from all over the world and their cultures, too; the result of talks in classes, bars and trains… the result of sharing moments, experiences, knowledges… Born is the result of all these experiences and people, and now I’m sharing with you this piece of my story.

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Calibri is the new Comic Sans | Medium

Stop using it.

Calibri, although created in 2004, was first unleashed on the unknowing public in 2007 when it replaced Times New Roman as the default font on Microsoft Word. Bizarrely preset to 11-point and 1.15 line-spacing, this font was a statement against every convention TNR had represented, and it embodied the ultra-modern tech world that emerged from the beige 50-lb monitors of the late ’90s. …

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Variable Fonts on the Web | WebKit

Variable fonts can expose any number of axes, each controlling a different aspect of the font.

This year, at the ATypI typography conference in Warsaw, representatives from Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, and Google presented an exciting development in typography: support for variable fonts in OpenType fonts.

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Google and Monotype launch Noto, an open-source typeface family for all the world’s languages | It’s Nice That

Google and Monotype have launched Noto, an open-source typeface family that encompasses every written language in the world, living and dead. It is one of the largest typographic projects ever undertaken and the result of five years collaborative work.

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Process of designing the typeface Di Mare – Ksenia Belobrova

Läs om hur ett typsnitt blir till. Trevligt presenterat av Ksenia Belobrova.

I’ve been asked many times about process of designing typeface (Di Mare script as well). So I decided to tell a little about it.
An idea of this typeface came to my mind when I was in Rome. It was an amazing journey. I visited museums, walked around the city squinting in the sun, ate delicious italian food, admired ancient architecture. I was especially happy because those were the days when I decided to change my life. And one of the main steps was founding my own typefoundry. So when I came back I already had the idea of my first own project.

Fontself: make your own fonts in Illustrator – For beginners


UPDATE! It’s alive!

Köp och ladda ner det eminenta tilläggsprogrammet Fontself.

Easily turn your handmade lettering into usable, colorful fonts, right within Photoshop & Illustrator. Introducing Fontself extensions.

Making fonts. The easy way.

Creating your own fonts in Photoshop & Illustrator is really simple and fast once you install the Fontself extensions:

  1. Draw / sketch / paint / scan or photograph your alphabet.
  2. Select it.
  3. Done.