Gudrun Zapf von Hesse releases her first digital typeface, aged 100 | It’s Nice That

Gudrun Zapf von Hesse found a job with the Bauer Type Foundry in Frankfurt just after the Second World War, although her interest in lettering had been sparked much earlier by calligraphers such as Edward Johnston and Rudolf Koch. She developed her alphabet during her time in Frankfurt, where she punch cut the letters onto wooden handles and used them for title lettering on leather book covers and spines. The first book to use Hesse Antiqua was the anniversary book of Georg Hartmann’s 75th birthday in 1946. 70 years later, after innovating her initial alphabet, Gudrun can add digital typeface designer to her list of accomplishments.

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Meet the Font Detectives Who Ferret Out Fakery | Backchannel | WIRED

What does international political corruption have to do with type design? Normally, nothing—but that’s little consolation for the former prime minister of Pakistan. When Nawaz Sharif and his family came under scrutiny earlier this year thanks to revelations in the Panama Papers, the smoking gun in the case was a font. The prime minister’s daughter, Maryam Sharif, provided an exculpatory document that had been typeset in Calibri—a Microsoft font that was only released for general distribution nearly a year after the document had allegedly been signed and dated.

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Learn All About Fonts by Playing With These Poker Cards | Mental Floss

Want to learn about fonts? Try playing poker with the Font Deck, a pack of cards designed to help users learn the finer points of typography and font design.

The deck is the work of Canadian designer Ben Barrett-Forrest, who runs a graphic design studio based out of Ontario and the Yukon. In 2014, Barrett-Forrest designed the precursor to the Font Deck, a product called the Design Deck that aimed to teach users about the ins and outs of graphic design. Some of the Design Deck cards feature typography lessons, but the Font Deck—available for $17 a deck on Barrett-Forrest’s website or on Kickstarter—gives the topic a deeper dive.

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Typographic Doubletakes | Hoefler&Co

While good typefaces have prodigious families of carefully related styles, some of the best typography builds unexpected relationships between unrelated fonts. Here are five ways to create typographic connections, to help keep your design engaging and inventive.

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Man of letters: Anthony Burrill’s guide to creative inspiration packs a punch

Did you know that Anthony Burrill’s favourite band used to be The Human League? Or that he was initially drawn to the art of letterpress through beer mats? Neither did we until we got our hands on this handsome tome – a book which is part biography, part inspirational guide to creativity.

In Make it Now!, Burrill retraces the formative steps that led him towards the status of poster art wizard he holds today. From the first time he witnessed a graphic designer at work, through to degrees from Leeds and the RCA, and his connection with Vernacular Typography, readers will get a keen insight into his success.

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How to Design a Google Font | Lingo Blog

Two typography designers talk about what it takes to create a font for Google.

Written By: Jill Blackmore Evans

This article originally appeared on Format Magazine and was republished with permission.The new, updated Google Fonts is a treasure trove of open source, totally free-to-use typefaces. From classic to creative, the new font selection supports over 135 languages, and is set up to let typography buffs easily discover new fonts by browsing through style categories like Serif or Handwriting.Who are the designers behind Google’s favorite typefaces? We spoke to two of them to find out what it takes to design a font for Google.

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Color fonts – Now supported in Photoshop

Color fonts represent a key evolution in digital typography, introducing rich graphic features into font files. Thanks to new font formats, color fonts are finally becoming a reality for millions of creatives.

Learn everything about color fonts, chromatic typography and OpenType-SVG.

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