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Endre Berentzen

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Ber­gen Inter­na­tio­nal Fes­ti­val (Fest­spil­lene i Ber­gen) pre­sents art in all its gui­ses from music to theatre, dance, opera and visual art. Established in 1953, the fes­ti­val is one of the oldest and the lar­gest of its kind in the Nor­dic countries, with more than 220 events during the 15 days it lasts. Wor­king alongside his team, Endre Berent­zen devi­sed a visual iden­tity for the event that is well-polished and visu­ally stun­ning. Using a square as the star­ting point for a rhyth­mic pat­tern, they deve­lo­ped a solu­tion that embo­dies the diver­sity of the audi­ence and the music at the festival.






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