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Here’s the latest round of books and goods to hit our shelves. This week’s entries include items from Nobrow, Chronicle Books, Lars Muller, The Walt Disney Family Foundation Press and Princeton Architectural Press.

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Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair
By John Canemaker / Published by the Walt Disney Family Foundation
176 pages / Hardcover / 10″ x 12.25″

By John Canemaker, the companion catalog to The Walt Disney Family Museum’s 2014 special exhibition with the same name Magic Color Flair the world of Mary Blair. The authoritative collection of Blair’s lifework, including her precocious early paintings, concept art from her Disney days, and the wildly wonderful artistic innovations of her later life. With an introductory essay by exhibition curator and Academy Award-winning John Canemaker, this indispensable book is a bold, lively look into the work of an equally bold and lively artist, whose invaluable influence and keen eye helped shape some of the world’s favorite Disney experiences.

Available at Amazon and The Walt Disney Family Museum Shop.

Also be sure to visit the exhibition on view now through Sept.7th 2014.


Rolf Muller: Stories, Systems, Marks
Edited by Jens Muller  / Published by Lars Muller
128 pages / 5 ¾ x 8 ¼ in

This book is the first monograph dedicated to the designer Rolf Müller who is known above all for his design of the visual identity of the Munich Olympic Games in 1972. Shortly after graduating from the famous Ulm School of Design, his former professor Otl Aicher entrusted him with this work, which set new standards in international design. In parallel, he established his design firm Büro Rolf Müller in Munich. On the basis of selected projects, the book attempts to sketch the mentality and methods of his design

Available at Amazon, Lars Muller and your local book shop.

HfG Ulm: Concise History of the Ulm School of Design
Edited by Jens Muller / Published by Lars Muller
128 Pages / 5 ¾ x 8 ¼ in

The Ulm School of Design (HfG Ulm) ranks among the world’s most important institutions of the 20th century in modernist design. Its founders Inge Aicher-Scholl, Otl Aicher and Max Bill wanted to contribute to the shaping of a new and better world after the terrible experiences of the Nazi regime and the Second World War. The meaning of design today cannot be understood without considering the developments at HfG. That applies not only to the design of appliances and communications, but also to the profession of designer, design education, methodology and design theory—ranging from the relationship between design and science up to the question of what relationship design should adopt with art and crafts, or business and society. This massive impact of the HfG is all the more astounding, considering that it existed for only 15 years, from 1953 to 1968. This book provides a contextual and broadly illustrated history of the HfG Ulm.

Available at Amazon, Lars Muller and your local book shop.


 Nobrow 9: It’s oh so Quiet
Published by Nobrow
128 pages 

This year’s Nobrow magazine, Nobrow 9: It’s Oh So Quiet, deals with the concept of silence. How is silence expressed? Can it be visual?

As we hurtle along at breakneck speed accompanied by the great cacophony of modern life, we rarely experience a moment of silence. Silence, with its implication of stillness and absolute purity, becomes an impossibility. So how does an artist approach such a theme? World-renowned creators turn their hand to unifying the senses in this unique, international showcase containing 60 pages of illustration and 60 pages of ground-breaking comics in unique four spot colour.

Within the stack of these weighty pages is work by artists such as Bianca Bagnarelli, Will Morris,  Joe Todd Stanton, Lisa Perrin, Jim Stoten, Jamie Coe, Ella Bailey, Joseph Lambert, Natalie Andrewsen and many, many more.

Available at Amazon, Nobrow and your local book shop.


Big Meals for Little Hands
By Sebastien Guenard, Aladjidi Virginie, Caroline Pelissier and Marion Billet
Published by Flying Eye Books
56 pages

Big Meals for Little Hands is filled with super-delicious, easy-to-make French recipes!  This gorgeous new cook-book teaches all about seasonal cooking, for a healthy and more environmentally conscious cuisine.

Charming illustrations of animal characters by illustrator Marion Billet will attract kids to the healthy recipes of Michelin starred chef Sébastien Guénard. This book is just the tool for parents looking for fun projects to do with their kids while teaching them how to cook and eat healthily and sustainably.

Available at Amazon, Flying Eye Books and your local book shop.


Type on Screen: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Developers, and Students
By Ellen Lupton / Published by Princeton Architectural Press
208 pages / 7″ x 8.5″

Type on Screen is the definitive guide to using classic typographic concepts of form and structure to make dynamic compositions for screen-based applications. Covering a broad range of technologies, from electronic publications and websites to videos and mobile devices, this hands-on primer presents the latest information available to help designers make critical creative decisions, including how to choose typefaces for the screen, how to style beautiful, functional text and navigation, how to apply principles of animation to text, and how to generate new forms and experiences with code-based operations.

Available at Amazon, PA Press, and your local book shop.


Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers: Portraits of 50 Famous Folks & All Their Weird Stuff
By James Gulliver Hancock / Published by Chronicle Books
112 pages / 7 1/4″  x 9 1/4″

This cultural who’s-who illuminates 50 famous figures, from Leonardo da Vinci to Coco Chanel, through the fascinating trivia of their lives. Artist James Gulliver Hancock depicts historical icons in quirky annotated portraits surrounded by their associated possessions, baggage, and foibles. Hemingway’s hobbies, Amelia Earhart’s preferred dessert, Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite TV show—each portrait reveals the ordinary quirks of these extraordinary people and captures their personalities in the process.

Available at Amazon, Chronicle Books and your local book shop.


 Hand-Lettering Ledger: A Practical Guide to Creating Serif, Script, Illustrated, Ornate, and Other Totally Original Hand-Drawn Styles
By Mary Kate McDevitt / Published by Chronicle books
192 pages / 8 3/4″ x 8″

This workbook features step-by-step lessons on a range of styles plus more than 120 practice pages, making it the ideal place to learn and perfect this in-demand design skill.

Available at Amazon, Chronicle Books and your local book shop.


Schema Notebook Collection
Published by Chronicle Books
6″ x 8″

Each center-sewn, foil-stamped notebook in this stunning trio features brand new cover artwork by James Jean and a dotted grid interior.

Available at  Amazon, Chronicle Books and your local book shop.


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