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Super­new Super­grap­hics by Unit Editions

This week we’re exci­ted to fea­ture tit­les from Chro­nicle Books, Nobrow, Fly­ing Eye Books and Occa­sio­nal Papers. See all the books after the jump.

Super­new Super­grap­hics
Edi­ted by: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaugh­nessy and Sarah Sch­rauwen  / Design by Spin / Published by Unit Edi­tions
320 Pages / Softco­ver with slipcase

Super­new Super­grap­hics is a col­lec­tion of the best archi­tectu­ral, envi­ron­men­tal and inte­rior grap­hic design. This all-new book shows how the cur­rent gene­ra­tion of desig­ners and archi­tects are blasting typo­graphy and grap­hic forms across walls – even lands­ca­pes. It shows how they are dis­tor­ting space and war­ping entire buil­dings with colour, typo­grap­hic mes­sa­ges and abstract shapes.

Avai­lable at Unit Edi­tions


The Best Book in the World
By Rilla Alex­an­der / Published by Fly­ing Eye Books

If you found the best book in the world, would you stop rea­ding? Could you stop rea­ding? If you had homework to do, or din­ner to get through, could you put the book down? On a train to the zoo or on a flight to Kala­ma­zoo, would that break the spell? If in a forest you wal­ked, while scary mons­ters stal­ked… would that be enough? If every ani­mal in the land were to be led by a big band, in a grand parade in your honour made… would you put the book down?

Join Rilla Alex­an­der for an unfor­get­table and magi­cal tale that encou­ra­ges child­ren to read.

Avai­lable at Ama­zon, Fly­ing Eye Books and your local book shop.

Worse Things Hap­pen at Sea
By Kel­lie Strom / Published by Nobrow
20 pages / 5.6″x9.1″

Inspi­red by tales of myt­hi­cal sea cre­a­tu­res and the tall sto­ries of doo­med voya­ges pas­sed down from sai­lor to son, Strøm brings us a rich tapestry of won­der­ment. Histo­ri­cal ships are attac­ked, enve­lo­ped and eng­or­ged by monstrous cre­a­tu­res sur­fa­cing from the dee­pest depths of the dar­kest oce­ans. Cove­ring 20 panels each mea­su­ring 13.8cm x 23.5cm the image unfolds in front of you like a fore­bo­ding fable from the crac­ked lips of an old sea captain.

Taking over two years to cre­ate, the faux engra­ved colour sepa­ra­tion style used for this pro­ject has been a departure from his two pre­vious picture books, both illust­ra­ted with full colour acry­lic pain­tings. In both tech­ni­ques Strøm wrest­led with cre­a­ting detai­led immer­sive worlds while also try­ing to pre­serve some of the imme­di­acy of the ori­gi­nal phy­si­cal art.

Avai­lable at Ama­zon, Nobrow and your local book shop.


Ple­ase Come to the Show
Edi­ted by David Senior / Published by Occa­sio­nal Papers
160 pages

David Senior, bib­li­o­grap­her at the Museum of Modern Art Lib­rary in New York, selec­ted a wide range of exhibition-related ephe­mera – invi­ta­tions, fly­ers and pos­ters from the 1960s to the pre­sent – and pre­sents them here as an histo­ri­cally over­looked but inte­gral aspect of exhi­bi­tions. Often the first point of con­tact between the audi­ence and artist, such items form part of an essen­tial lex­i­con for grap­hic desig­ners, cura­tors, art histo­ri­ans and anyone inte­res­ted in the event-based nature of showing art. Fil­led with full-colour repro­duc­tions of nume­rous examples from the MoMA col­lec­tion, the book inclu­des new essays by Gus­tavo Gran­dal Mon­tero, Will Hol­der, Antony Hudek, Angie Kee­fer, Clive Phill­pot, David Senior and Suzanne Stanton.

Avai­lable at Occa­sio­nal Papers


Design School Wis­dom: Make First, Stay Awake, and Other Essen­tial Les­sons for Work and Life
Edi­ted by Brooke John­son and Jen­ni­fer Tolo Pierce / Published by Chro­nicle Books
128 pages / 7 1/4″ x 10″

This tre­a­sure trove of pithy apho­risms, longer-form essays, and first-person inter­vi­ews com­pi­les years of design school educa­tion into one com­pre­hen­sive yet com­pact book. Here are les­sons in life and work, lear­ned both in the class­room and on the job, from design teachers, stu­dents, and gurus, cove­ring eve­ryt­hing from practi­cal know-how to big-picture brilliance.

Avai­lable at Ama­zon, Chro­nicle Books and your local book shop.


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