This Week in Fonts

An ambitious text family by Schizotype, a feature-rich face from URTD, playful forms by Outras Fontes, a versatile sans from Fontsmith, modern styling by Thinkdust, a transitional face from MCKL, a minimalist slab by Mostardesign, and a sober text family from Fountain.

Schizotype: Urge Text

Designed by Dave Rowland

The slanted styles of Urge Text exhibit a certain bipolarity, the tops of glyphs having a standard italic form, the bottoms of glyphs being more Roman in their construction.

URTD: Odesta

Designed by Ondrej Jób

Odesta has seven feature-rich weights with built-in small caps, swash alternates, and contextual alternate initials & finials.

Outras Fontes: Progressiva

Designed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes

Unique playful forms and a condensed structure, Progressiva is ideal for texts that require some personality and titles with great visual presence.

Fontsmith: FS Hackney

Designed by Nick Job & Jason Smith

Inspired by the thought “it doesn’t have to be like this” FS Hackney is meticulously honed to perform in exacting conditions. Refined, assured and very versatile.

Thinkdust: Monolite

Designed by Greg Ponchak

Clear-cut edges and modern styling give Monolite the attitude it needs to leave a lasting impression.

MCKL: Superior Title

Designed by Jeremy Mickel

Superior Title is a high contrast transitional typeface, a kind of missing link between Bodoni and Times.

Mostardesign: Metronic Slab Pro

Designed by Olivier Gourvat

Metronic Slab Pro is a slab serif typeface with a technological and minimalist look for text and headlines.

Fountain: Aria Text

Designed by Rui Abreu

Aria Text is the new text version of the lyric Aria. More sober and rational, Aria Text was designed for books. The decoration mannerisms, extreme contrast, the italics angle, among other attributes of the original display typeface were now tamed and rethought towards readability and transparency.

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This Week in Fonts

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