About The Guild

Since the start in 1938, the Stockholm typographic Guild members has been of various ages and professional roles. We’ve met through field trips, lectures and trips in sociable get-togethers sharing knowledge, information and inspiration.

Program content has been shaped by the Board or by individual members. Often, we have invited individuals or groups from outside to establish contacts and to share their insights and experiences in both form and technique. We organize dozens of events annually.

The Guild has over the years collaborated with other associations and institutions, has issued publications, and organized exhibitions and competitions. The aim has been to influence manufacturers and buyers of graphic products and thus benefit and enhance the quality of printed materials of various kinds.

International contacts are another part of the business.

It has also given opportunities to socialize with the world’s foremost typographers and graphic designers. Some of them are corresponding members of our guild.

The Typographic Guild wants to enhance the quality of Swedish graphic products. We debate and engage in the development of our profession and study and discuss the implications of new technology. We criticize poor graphic quality. Through these activities, we hope to create a greater awareness among both producers of Swedish graphic products, purchasers of graphic design and typography for the reading consumer.

The Guild members represent many different expressions this includes everything from the austere and functional to the provocative and cheeky. Diversity is a strength and an asset in our work.

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