A Haiku Homage to 2014

As we plunge into the final editing phase of Our Favorite Typefaces of 2014, perennial contributor Dyana Weissman offers this poetic prelude. Enjoy, and feel free to respond with your own. — SC

Haikus and I go back a long time. Many of us learned about them in elementary school. I enjoyed them, particularly because of their traditional emphasis on nature.

For that reason, it may seem odd to dedicate such a poem to a piece of software. But my philosophy has long been that the best typefaces are those that don’t rely on the computer for their design. Beautiful lines and shapes are pure and simple, and exist without a screen. Likewise, haikus are pure and simple, and may focus on beauty, as do many of these designs below.

A shout-out to Mark Record, with whom I wrote my first non-“Hello, World!” python script: a haiku generator.

Someone’s having fun
Only experience guides
reversing the rules

Poses the question:
Is tabular essential?
Put in your OS

Donki & Pique
It does warm the heart
to see the many blazes
that Bello sparked

Cortado Script
Sundry rivers run,
confluence should be rocky.
Instead, flows smoothly

Banners and frames
Everything so detailed
Quite prodigious

Phoreus Cherokee
A syllabary
Of no small significance.
Meaning in making

Courtesy Script
Will Ferrell’s chest hair
has not as many curls and
isn’t as pretty

Eubie Script
Dances on the page
like a sparrow looks for seeds
hopping charmingly

Squishy and cozy
A long hug from an old friend
Inviting, calming

Darby, Beausite, Valter, Domaine Sans
Why are there not more
high-contrast sans being used
when they are so keen?

The feminine tone,
especially in the Black,
Fresh sort of finesse

Dala Prisma
Come one, come all, see
a marvel of optical
adjustments delight

Tick & Tock
Rhythm in the shapes
Cyrus returns to his roots
Drummer type design

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