Computed Type by Christoph Knoth

Gå till Type token »I came across this video via Twitter and was really interested to find out more about this fascinating type project and creator Christoph Knoth.

The below is taken from the short version of his master’s thesis thesis and gives an insight as to the thinking behind the project:

A lot of tasks in font design are interlinked and a change on one letter will maybe create hours of work on others. The idea of a parametrical typeface could minimize those problems and would allow to design an infinite number of typefaces at the same time.

I will try to understand why this way of designing a font never got widely adopted. If it is possible to create a more easy to use program to design western characters. And finally if this approach to type design would help to create new and interesting curves and shapes for letterforms.

The program is written in Python and uses the following packages, libraries and wrappers: wxPython, Numpy, Matplotlib, RoboFab, FontTools, ufo2fdk and Adobe FDK.

More of Christophs work can be seen here –

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