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[ ? ] Every Day is Play
A Celebration of the Video Game.

What is Every Day is Play?
A snapshot of video game culture past and present, Every Day is Play is the first self-published book project from Game Paused. Capturing a whole generation’s imagination through a series of interviews, features and fan-art, it contains a wealth of creative play—bringing every gamer together in a true celebration of the game.

Covering a varied range of topics from both inside and outside the gaming industry, the book houses over 30 key features and interviews, and over 1000 images from artists around the world.

Designed and printed in the United Kingdom.

Hard Back Cover
Full Colour Litho
Multiple Paper Stocks
Foil-stamped Cover
Two Editions and special box sets
RRP: £35.00

What is Game Paused?
Game Paused is a project combining game culture and art through various products and platforms; enabling gamers from around the globe to connect through creativity.

Its latest venture titled ‘Every Day is Play’ was published in August 2014.

Who’s behind Game Paused?
Game Paused is a project by Matthew Kenyon, a graphic designer from the north of England and his partner Emma Wilcock.



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