Goodbye The FontFeed, Hello FontShop News


You might have noticed from the lack of activity that The FontFeed has stopped publishing. I have moved over to join my writing partners on FontShop News, where we hope to achieve the ideals originally set out for The FontFeed.

Parting with The FontFeed is bittersweet. After I took over as editor-in-chief from my partner-in-font-geekery Stephen Coles exactly seven years ago, I had just begun to find my voice through my Bald Condensed typeface reviews on, occasional contributions to Typographica, and my first two years editing Unzipped, my blog on the old FontShop BeNeLux website. The FontFeed allowed me to develop as a writer and editor on typography and design, and indirectly gave me the opportunity to become a public speaker (personally I don’t really like that term). What I appreciated most was the level of independence FontShop trusted me with. Their financing the blog came with barely any strings attached. Basically I was allowed to write about any type- or design-related topic I felt was relevant to our audience, even if it turned out to be a quite controversial one. This was a decisive factor that helped The FontFeed grow and prosper, and eventually become a household name in the typography world, a name I am extremely proud to be associated with. For this I will remain forever grateful to FontShop and everyone involved behind the scenes. My thanks also go out to my co-editors and the people who contributed to The FontFeed with guest posts.

Yet somehow the blog as a concept never really achieved the ideals it initially set forth. Instead of becoming a collaborative endeavour, it turned into my personal playground – which frankly I didn’t really mind, as I ahd so much fun. The other voices from FontShop had to be found in different locations, be it on the FontShop Blog, Jürgen Siebert’s popular Fontblog, or FontShop Germany’s blog. Ironically, while FontShop stands for finding all the fonts you need in one single curated library, our communication was scattered. This led to the decision for starting a new information channel on the redesigned FontShop website – FontShop News. This is where you can find me now, collaborating with some of the most interesting writers in the field of typography. If you like what you’re reading, subscribe to our RSS to not miss out – it is available in English and German*.

And what about The FontFeed? It will live on for a while until we find a good solution for its contents. Even though many posts were time-sensitive, there is a large amount of articles that we feel remain relevant and are worth discovering or revisiting. So thank you all so much for reading The FontFeed, thank you for the insightful exchanges and spirited discussions in the comments, thank you for walking up to me at conferences and letting me know you enjoyed the blog. But now it’s time to move on. See you all over at FontShop News!

This was Yves Peters, signing off.

(*) Although we try to provide as many articles as possible in German, some are only available in English. They can however be found on the German side; no need to switch.




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