Indie checklist:

  • ✓ Totes vintage look
  • ✓ Fetishized shadows that feel hand-painted
  • ✓ Fair trade ligatures
  • ✓ Made with dead stock ink
  • ✓ You’ve probably never heard of it
  • ✓ Gluten-free
  • ✓ Reads so much better on vinyl
  • ✓ Casual unisex capitals
  • ✓ Pairs well with a barrel-aged Negroni
  • ✓ Cray cray brush strokes
  • ✓ Kerned perfectly for setting “Lana Del Rey
  • ✓ Artisanal cap height
  • Decorative ligatures, cuz YOLO
  • ✓ All up in your Insta
  • ✓ OpenType option for skinny descenders
  • ✓ Comes with a hemp co-op bag
  • ✓ Whatevs

These really are all the reasons I love Indie — it’s an unabashedly hipster script that has a lively energy and solid roots. The OpenType features help the family come to life through combining alternate forms, ligatures, modulating repeating letters, and automat­ing beginning and ending strokes. It’s a fun typeface to play with that strikes a great balance between having control and not taking itself too seriously.

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