Is it ”worth” getting into typography for the sake of avoiding LaTeX?

I signed up for the League of Movable Type’s newsletter, and I am really curious about one aspect they discussed in particular.

The modification of existing fonts, and in particular, adding characters.

I have to do quite a lot of math related typing, and I have set up a small macro in MSWord where all I have to do is type in a ”keyword” (e.g. iNF), and the macro will replace all occurrences of the keyword with the corresponding glyph that I have programmed in.

What would be really neat is making up new symbols (I don’t really care for ’traditional’ mathematical symbols too often), or perhaps augmenting a nice monospace font that does not have all the symbols I possibly want, etc.

Would it be worth my time to learn how to make such additions to OFL fonts? Or would I be better served by sticking to conventional solutions (TeX)?

It might not be worth my time, for example: if an existing solution already covers all my requirements, or if the time required for learning how to do so would be a serious amount.

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