Kent – das Rasierwasser des gepflegten Herrn

Photo by Florian Hardwig on Flickr.

Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Florian Hardwig and tagged with “symphonie”, “steilefutura” and “futurablack”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Das Rasierwasser des gepflegten Herrn bereitet Ihnen jeden Morgen köstliche Erfrischung
[“The aftershave of the cultivated gentleman provides delicious refreshment each morning”]

“Serving suggestion” by the Bauersche Gießerei, pairing yellow caps from Futura Black (Paul Renner, 1929) with Steile Futura (1952–57, started in c.1939 as Normal-Grotesk) and, as finishing touch, an initial from Symphonie (Imre Reiner, 1938, also known as Stradivarius).

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