New Release: FF 66

FF Antithesis

We can gleefully declare our long awaited release is finally here! And what an interesting one it has turned out to be.
We welcome newcomer FF Antithesis from young German designer Yanone, an incredible extension for Łukasz Dziedzics FF Good and a reorganisation of Jürgen Hubers FF Ginger Flamboyant.

New Design: FF Antithesis

Based on the design principle of three poles, FF Antithesis is designed around the tension and dialogue between each of these. There are three members of the display family: Regular, Italic and Bold of which all relate to each other in a very high visual contrast.

The Regular member is a rather slabby serif, the Italic a connected script and the Bold a fat sans serif. Each are designed to work with each of the other two, in order to create design with high visual tension. Designed with a less is more attitude in terms of family size, Yanone has also created a contemporary dance art and music based film to accompany the typeface. Set to be launched this spring at TYPO San Francisco and TYPO Berlin, the purpose of the ten minute film is to present the typeface as more than just a typeface but as an interdisciplinary work of art.

A typeface perfectly apt for creative purposes and as part of statement pieces it looks set to become the new cool font of choice.

New Extension: FF Good

FF Good

The size of our next announcement is a first for us here at FontFont.

FF Good, the upright, straight-sided sans serif designed by Warsaw based designer Łukasz Dziedzic, originally entered the library as a typeface with nine styles. However following an overhaul in 2010 the typeface jumped to 30 styles with an additional 30 styles for the titling version FF Good Headline.

Now within the FF 66 release the family has received yet another revamp making FF Good and FF Good Headline our biggest typeface family ever with a total of 196 styles between them! The newly extended family now includes seven weights ranging from Light to Ultra, and seven widths from Compressed to Extended for both FF Good and FF Good Headline, all with matching italics and small caps for both roman and italic styles. 

Due to its subtle weight and width graduation, it is the perfect companion for interface, editorial, and web designers. This allows the individual to pick the style best suited to their layout.

For the whole of April all of our complete FF Good and FF Good Headline family packages (Collections and Complete Suites) will be reduced by 30%.

And for a extra dose of good news we can also confirm that as of the latest release the new style FF Good News will be available at the incredible price of 5 EUR/GBP/AUS/USD. 

Reorganisation: FF Ginger Flamboyant

FF Ginger Flamboyant

A reorganisation of Jürgen Hubers FF Ginger has resulted in FF Ginger Flamboyant now being available as a stand alone typeface instead of an OpenType layout feature as before.

FF Ginger Flamboyant consists of Light and Regular, which add a spark to individual letters and initial capitals, vamping up the plainest of texts.

FF Ginger is an alternative to the widely-used Crillee and Serpentine faces, which are especially popular for their bold italic variants. They express speed and dynamism and are popular choices for internet providers, couriers, service bureaus, etc. FF Gingers Light weight and matching icons extend its typographic scope.

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