New times ahead | Letters from Sweden

Some might not know this, but the last few years I’ve almost had two jobs. I was FamiljenPangea’s lead type designer, where I was not only responsible for designing custom typefaces but also brought in the majority of such clients to the company. Simultaneously, I was running Letters from Sweden as a side project where my main focus was retail fonts.

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My time with FamiljenPangea has been filled with exciting work for great clients. It has also been frustrating in many ways. Bringing in high profile clients to the company meant I was building another man’s house.

From now on, I will focus solely on my own company. What it means is that Letters from Sweden will be taking commissions for custom type assignments — more in this press release.

This decision should also provide the peace and focus I need to develop even more retail fonts. I have so many ideas for new typefaces, I can’t wait to get started.

Thanks for reading,

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