Remembering Peter Bruhn

DEN HÄR ARTIKELN KOMMER FRÅN FontFeed »Two months on, it’s still impossible to wrap my head around the fact that Peter Bruhn is gone. I have postponed writing this post forever, dreading it. I have had to do obituaries before on The FontFeed, but this one had me paralysed. Even though we met in person only a couple of times, I considered Peter a dear friend, and I think it was reciprocal.
Peter Bruhn with baby Adrian. Photo by Lotta Bruhn.

I met Peter, virtually, around 2002–2003 on the thriving online community of type designers, typographers and other assorted type geeks that is Typophile. He was one of the regulars, a valued member that contributed to the debate in a positive and often humorous way. Little by little I learned to know more about him. Peter was one of the numerous self-taught type designers from the grunge wave who discovered Fontographer in the early 90s and simply dove in – fearless and with eyes wide open. What began as a side activity turned into something more serious when Peter established his Fountain type foundry in 1993. Fountain was one of the earliest independent type foundries, and the first Swedish one to carry typefaces by other designers as well. At the turn of the millennium he took not one but several big plunges – he married Lotta, started a design partnership with her under the name The Bruhn Family, and bet everything on Fountain. He never looked back.