ScreenFonts Special: Fontbuster Game

Tryout | Next FontShop 2014-07-20 10-36-39
DEN HÄR ARTIKELN KOMMER FRÅN FontFeed »The FontFeed celebrates the summer with the Fontbuster game. At the TYPO Berlin 2014 conference the public beta introduced a new functionality. The first version of the upcoming Tryout feature allows you to test typefaces in context, with full control of typographic and colour attributes. For now the deceptively simple-looking beta only works with webfonts*, but the initial preview version already takes you well beyond the scope of traditional live font-rendering. Inspired by the start of the blockbuster season, we invite you to create typographic posters for films – real or imagined. The only restriction is that the film title needs to incorporate a typographic reference; a type-pun if you will. Share your best and most original creations, and we will publish them in this post. By the end of summer we will award the winner(s) some cool prizes (to be announced). Have fun!

* Currently, the Tryout feature works only with fonts that are available in webfont format. If no webfont version is available, you will be automatically routed to the “Try It!” page for other test-driving options.