The FontFont year in 2013

In anticipation of the new year ahead we took a quick look back at the year that was.
Our 2013 went a little something like this:
Annual Report 2013

  • Five new staff members came onboard, reaching a combined total of 1271 years in life (and font) experience. 
  • 50% of us favored the humble bicycle as the preferred method of transport, and of the remaining few, 26% opted for public transport with the rest split evenly between foot and car.
  • We clocked up 50000+ work air-miles, traveling across three continents, exploring 12 cities. We shared, watched, listened and learnt a thousand things or two at 12 different conferences and our fonts now support up to 170 languages. 
  • We created three microsites and five print specimens with altogether 10 different pantone colours in total.
  • 580 tweets were typed and we hit the 26846 followers mark.
  • Four new designers joined the family, seven new typeface designs enriched our library, bringing our tally to 171 designers, 399 families and 2588 fonts in total.

To all our designers and friends, thank you for your creativity, support and mutual love for type.

2013 was a great year.

Here is to an even better one for 2014.

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