This Week in Fonts

A graceful sans from Typotheque, a modern grotesk by Suitcase Type, a contemporary serif from Bold Monday, a letterpress family by Yellow Design, a versatile sans from Milieu Grotesque, a brush script by Doubletwo, a bold display face from Monokrom, and a modern sign painter family by Kyle Wayne Benson.

Typotheque: Valter

Designed by Nikola Djurek


Valter is a graceful and slightly cheeky collection of sans-serif display fonts inspired by pointed-pen writing.

Suitcase Type Foundry: Urban Grotesk

Designed by Tomáš Brousil

Urban Grotesk attempts to follow the best of traditions of Grotesk typefaces: rounded arches, slightly thinner connecting strokes and a vertical shadowing axis, where outstrokes are terminated strictly in perpendicular to the stroke direction.

Bold Monday: Brando

Designed by Mike Abbink

Brando is a contemporary serif with humanist proportions, exploring the balance between mechanical and egyptian forms.

Yellow Design Studio: Eveleth

Designed by Ryan Martinson

Eveleth is a high-resolution letterpress family with exceptional realism and vintage charm.

Milieu Grotesque: Patron

Designed by Timo Gaessner

Patron is an expressive yet versatile grotesk, characterized by a generous x-height, distinctive stroke endings and an unconventional shift in balance.

Doubletwo Studios: XXII YeahScript

Designed by Lecter Johnson

XXII YeahScript is a brush script with a large range of alternates — a great fit for any sign painter job.

Monokrom: Mønster

Designed by Sindre Bremnes

Mønster’s odd letter forms and exaggerated shapes combine into powerful, vigorous patterns, making a bold statement of any title.

Kyle Wayne Benson: Kansas Casual

Designed by Kyle Benson

Kansas Casual provides a completely unique take on a overdone classic with proportions and crossbar heights inspired by the more friendly Chicago style.
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