This Week in Fonts

An Erik Spiekermann exclusive from Hamilton Wood Type, a sturdy slab by Rene Bieder, a high-class display from Avondale Type Co, a brush script by Mika Melvas, a modest slab serif from Type Me Fonts, a monospaced family by Matthew Butterick, a contemporary script from Petra Dočekalová, and a super family by Playtype.

Hamilton Wood Type: HWT Artz

Designed by Erik Spiekermann

HWT Artz was designed by venerable type designer Erik Spiekermann exclusively for his own print studio, specifically to be cut into large size wood type.

Rene Bieder: Choplin

Designed by Rene Bieder

Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart.

Avondale Type Co: ATC Timberline

Designed by Alex Sheyn

ATC Timberline is a wide display font, evoking the high class side of speed and mechanics.

Mika Melvas: Sanelma

Designed by Mika Melvas

Sanelma is a brush script inspired by hot rod lettering and sign painting.

Type Me Fonts: Muriza

Designed by Jürgen Schwarz & Jakob Runge

Muriza is a modest slab serif with temptious curves.

Matthew Butterick: Triplicate

Designed by Matthew Butterick

Triplicate is modeled on several faces from the golden age of the typewriter — a time when designers treated monospacing not merely as a limitation, but also an opportunity.

Petra Dočekalová: Monolina

Designed by Petra Dočekalová

Monolina is a contemporary monolinear script that is based on the contrast between classical calligraphy and quickly jotted manuscript.

Playtype: Berlingske

Designed by Jonas Hecksher

The design is carefully balanced to deliver significant modernization while paying homage to a unique heritage.

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