This Week in Fonts

A friendly brush script by Nikola Giacintová, a new classic from Jason Vandenberg, a flexible sans by Fatype, fluid & friendly structure from Latinotype, a new sans by Monotype, a multi-colored face from Underware, an elegant serif by FontFont, and a practical sans from Ludwig Type.

Nikola Giacintová: Rukola

Designed by Nikola Giacintová

Rukola is a friendly brush script that follows in the footsteps of sign painting.

Jason Vandenberg: Bodoni Sans

Designed by Jason Vandenberg

Bodoni Sans is a new classic built on the foundation of two centuries of history.

Fatype: Beausite

Designed by Yassin Baggar

A flexible, medium to high contrast, sans serif — less about designing a stylish decorative design and more about applying contrast onto a neo-grotesk skeleton.

Latinotype: Modernica

Designed by Javier Quintana

Modernica seeks to go beyond the grotesque style and instigate a more fluid and friendly structure while remaining solid in its use.

Monotype: Quire Sans

Designed by Jim Ford

Quire Sans performs with confidence in virtually any setting.

Underware: Tripper Tricolor

With Tripper Tricolor all patriots can set text in their national colors, or in any other color they prefer.

FontFont: FF Franziska

Designed by Jakob Runge

FF Franziska elegantly closes the gap between the artistic formulation of the individual glyphs and the rational functionality of the overall type design.

Ludwig Type: Riga

Designed by Ludwig Übele

Clear and practical, yet warm and polite, Riga is a space-saving and legible typeface designed to work equally well on paper and on the computer screen.

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