This Week in Fonts

A fast moving script by Process Type Foundry, a versatile sans from The Northern Block, a decorative serif by Zeune Ink, an energetic script from Sudtipos, a characterful grotesque by Commercial Type, a harmonious slab from Dada Studio, a comfortable sans by Font Bureau, a spirited grotesque from Latinotype, a condensed sans by MCKL, and a neutral face from Type Dynamic.


Process Type Foundry: Pique

Designed by Nicole Dotin

A script with a crisp energy and buoyancy that only the collaboration of paper and screen can lay claim to.

The Northern Block: Loew

Designed by Jonathan Hill

Loew is a versatile sans serif with simple and honest geometry aimed at a wide range of modern applications.

Zeune Ink: Wallington

Designed by Sandi Dez

Wallington is a decorative serif embodying vintage & elegant curves with functional structure.

Sudtipos: Horizontes Script

Designed by Panco Sassano & Alejandro Paul

Relaxed, energic and very natural. With different alternatives of proportion, a wide range of ligatures, initial letters, terminals, floritures, Horizontes Script comes in two weight for large and small formats.

Commercial Type: Marr Sans

Designed by Paul Barnes & Dave Foster

Marr Sans revels in the individuality of the nineteenth century, and is like an eccentric British uncle to Morris Fuller Benton’s Franklin and News Gothics.

Dada Studio: Servus Slab

Designed by Michał Jarociński

The light and bold weights are perfect for display use and the regular weights create a harmonious structure that provides good legibility in long texts.

Font Bureau: Apres

Designed by David Berlow

The plain-spoken geometry is regular and balanced, without being static or mechanical, for a friendly and forthright familiarity.

Latinotype: Grota Sans

Designed by Eli Hernández & Daniel Hernández

A complete family of 40 fonts, 10 different weights and their respective cursives, and an alt version, Grota Sans is a grotesque font with a latin spirit.

MCKL: Fort Condensed

Designed by Jeremy Mickel

Neutral enough to take on information design, corporate identity, and small text sizes, the refined details and personality of Fort Condensed shine in display.

Type Dynamic: Sailec

Sailec is a low contrast, neutral typeface that includes 7 weights, from hairline to black, with corresponding italics.

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