This Week in Fonts

An indulgent display face from Positype, a toolbox of type by Hold Fast Foundry, a versatile family from Bold Monday, a whimsical swash by Latinotype, a flag building typeface from Always With Honor & Scribble Tone, a humanist sans by Type Dynamic, a highly legible sans from Tipografies, and a modern sans by The Northern Block.

Positype: Lust Slim

Designed by Neil Summerour

Lust Slim is packed with alternates to play with — enough to turn you on and satisfy.

Hold Fast Foundry: Industry Inc

Designed by Mattox Shuler

Industry Inc comprises numerous standalone styles along with a layered type system.

Bold Monday: Nitti Grotesk

Designed by Pieter van Rosmalen

Nitti Grotesk is the proportional companion to Nitti and part of a larger collection of grotesque inspired typefaces by Pieter van Rosmalen.

Latinotype: Australis Pro Swash

Designed by Francisco Galvez

Australis Swash is a new variant that adds to the Australis Pro family and it brings a touch of whimsy and mannerism to the shape of the cursive letters.

Always With Honor & Scribble Tone: Flagsmith

Over 100 shapes and 1,000 alternates that can be mixed and matched to create a sea of unique flags.

Type Dynamic: Revisal

Revisal is a humanist sans family with 7 weights, from hairline to black, with corresponding italics.

Tipografies: Nomada

Designed by Jordi Embodas

Nomada explores the concept of typefaces on the move continuously: sometimes printed, in books, catalogues, posters or packaging; at other times projected on screens of mobile and fixed devices, as text or as image.

The Northern Block: Acrom

Designed by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya

Acrom is a geometric sans with a minimal stroke contrast designed with a modern, contemporary context in mind.

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This Week in Fonts

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