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For the first ÜberFontFonts of 2014 we take a look at FF Nexus.

Nexus Showing

The hottest superfamily of the moment (and the highest climbing in our popularity charts) is the creation of Martin Majoor, the designer of FontFont favourites FF Scala and FF Seria. When Martin designed FF Scala and FF Scala Sans between 1988 and 1994, the idea was to design a serif, humanistic typeface from which a sans serif version would be derived. Martin called it: ‘two typefaces, one form principle.’ This became the basis of his type design philosophy. However ten years later he expanded it to ‘three typefaces, one form principle’, a Serif, a Sans and a Slab – and so the FF Nexus type system was born, consisting of FF Nexus Serif, FF Nexus Sans, the slab-like FF Nexus Mix – plus the additional monospaced FF Nexus Typewriter.

‘FF Nexus is, in my opinion, the best typeface I have created so far,’ says Majoor. ‘With FF Nexus Mix, I introduced a third family member in my type design philosophy, and I am happy that this slab version is not a stand-alone typeface; it feels best when accompanied by serif and sans.’

And as one of our top rated ÜberFontFonts, it is clear that FontFont users agree!

Nexus Principle

Nexus Italic

Nexus In-Use

Warsaw Autumn Festival 2008 booklet designed by Martin Majoor.

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