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En fantastisk samling open source typsnitt från kollektivet Womxn. Hela siten är ett arkiv gjort av typsnittstest.

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Saxat från Womxn infosida:

This collection aims at giving visibility to libre fonts drawn by womxn designers, who are often underrepresented in the traditionally conservative field of typography.

These fonts are shared under Free, Libre and Open Source licenses, which allow anyone to use them, modify their design, contribute more glyphs or styles to their non-nuclear families, build upon them and redistribute them further.

They are generously given for free, feeding an ecosystem of sharing and collaborations.

To support the designers, you can plan in the design budget of your project some money to donate to the designer directly, commission them with custom font designs, invite them to give a lecture and spread the word about their great designs!

More fonts by womxn (all sorts of licenses):

More info or font submissons: info at