My Favorite Typefaces of 2020 — I Love Typography

After a decade, ILT’s annual Favorite Fonts list is back. The top-ten favorite typefaces is now joined by another 50 typefaces in the extended Honorable Mentions list. There’s also a section devoted to my favorite glyphs or characters from fonts released in 2020, and a few words about my mystical selection process. Oh, and there’s even a typographic Space Invaders Easter egg! The list is back!

En fin genomgång av nya typsnitt gjorda under året. Skriv gärna själv en kommentar om dina egna favorittypsnitt under det gångna året.

Källa: My Favorite Typefaces of 2020 — I Love Typography

Acrobatic, Sentient, Shape-Shifting Typography with Variable Fonts

Konferansen Adobe MAX innehöll massor med spännande och intressanta seminarier online. Se och lyssna på Charles Nix från Monotype tala om variabla typsnitt.

Variable fonts will change the way you look at type. No, literally! They will change the way you see and use type in truly amazing ways. In this session, Monotype Creative Type Director Charles Nix will demonstrate how new variable font technology will enable designers to create with exciting, engaging, and effective typography. Variable fonts bring type to life: active, acrobatic type that functions as normal, searchable text. Variable fonts make type sentient: intelligent and aware of its surroundings. And variable fonts provide thousands of shades and styles that you can tune to your precise creative vision.

Attend this session to learn:

  • What variable fonts are, why you want them, and where to find them
  • How variable fonts and digital transformation are revolutionizing brand
  • How to step up your type game by friending a foundry