European Design Awards 2014

The European Design Awards have been created to celebrate European design with all its regional distinctive elements as well as its common grounds, to facilitate European designers to meet, benchmark, be inspired and build networks, to promote and raise standards for communication design throughout Europe, to properly honor and award people who invest their passion in design and to create a directory of European communication design excellence.

The European Design Awards, now in their eighth year, are constantly evolving to embrace the changes in the world of printed and digital communication design. An ever-expanding digital jury composed of editors of online design magazines was introduced in 2013 and new categories are being added to better suit designers’ needs.

Founded in 2006 , the ED-Awards instantly became widely acknowledged as one of the leading competitions for communication design in Europe. Each year the awards ceremony takes place in a different city and, following Athens, Stockholm, Zurich, Rotterdam, Vilnius, Helsinki and Belgrade, the ED Awards 2014 ceremony will take place in Cologne, Germany.

All submitted work must have been published in 2013 .

The entry fee per submission is 140 Euro (or 112 Euro per submission for five or more submissions) and 40 Euro per student submission. Eligibility All designers living or working within Europe may participate. Designers in Europe may submit work done for clients outside Europe. Prize There are three levels of distinction: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

• Gold winners receive a trophy during the Award Ceremony. In rare cases, the maximum of two Gold awards may be given in one category.

• Silver winners receive a diploma during the Award Ceremony. A maximum of five Silver awards are given per category.

• Bronze winners receive a diploma by post or in the ED-Conference reception. A maximum of five Bronze awards are given per category.

All award winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be published in the ED-Awards catalogue and on the ED-Awards website.

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