protoType Typeface Design Competition

Presented by SOTA ( Society of Typographic Aficionados ), the protoType Typeface Design Competition is calling for the most experimental and innovative type designs.

The contest aims to promote not only innovative fonts but essentially the speculative ideas behind them, in order to amplify their relevance to future design efforts, enriching the cultural landscape. The selected typefaces will not necessarily be finished products; for the purposes of protoType they essentially serve as vehicles for ideas.

Typeface design is living culture. As such it cannot limit itself to being a reliable tool for others to create ground-breaking compositions, it must also mark its own cultural progress in order to stay relevant. A tool must evolve for others to continuously make truly new things with it.

A submitted design does not necessarily have to be an installable font, although the practical usability of a typeface may be taken into consideration by the jurors.

There is a limit of three submissions per party.

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open to anyone worldwide. Prize The typefaces selected for inclusion in protoType will be exhibited during TypeCon 2016 and have specimens published online, with the further possibility of being part of a traveling exhibition.

In addition TypeCon will publish an explanatory video of one overall winner chosen by the jury.

Enter the most prestigious Design and Advertising Competitions in the world. The Communication Arts Design and Advertising 2016 Competitions.

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Draw Me A Fado International Call For Artists

Charivari Cultural Association is pleased to announce its open Call for Artists for their upcoming art exhibition ” Draw Me a Fado ”, with the co-production of Museu do Fado and EGEAC , which will include the event on their Lisbon Festivities programme.

This exhibition provides established or emerging visual artists with the opportunity to participate in a group exhibition at Charivari Lab in Graça, Lisbon ( Portugal ).

Charivari strives to present the most compelling and innovative work and the main aim of the exhibition is to engage contemporary artists to give a renewed interpretation on Fado in 2016 .

Priority will be given to visual artworks ( digital art, drawings, photographs, paintings, collages, installations, etc. ). Digital artwork should be submitted in TIFF or PSD format with 300 dpi. Traditional artwork submissions should be photographed or scanned and submitted through e-mail. Those selected for the exhibition will be asked to send the original artwork.

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open worldwide to artists from all backgrounds. Prize From all the submissions, a final selection will be made by Charivari ’s team. Only the selected submissions will make it to the exhibition at Charivari Lab .

The prize-money awards will be presented on the inauguration day, June 25th .

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SICAB 2017 International Poster Contest

Held annually in Sevilla ( Spain ), the SICAB ( International Equestrian Trade Fair ) will celebrate this year its 27th anniversary. To celebrate this event the organiser has lunched an International Poster Contest seeking high impact advertising.

Concept and technique are free and shall be decided by the artist.

All artwork must be original and unpublished; said artwork shall not have been presented at any other competition and shall not be a copy, whether in full or in part, nor plagiarized of published works, whether that of the artist or other artists.

All artwork shall be presented and mounted on a ridged support measuring at least 1 cm, without protective glass or fame. The format used is up to the artist, but the minimal size shall be 1 meter by 70 centimetres.

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open worldwide to all artists and designers who are at least 18 years of age, either as an individual or as a team. Prize The following awards have been established:

• 3000 Euro ( approx. 3,410 USD ) for the First Place
• 1000 Euro ( approx. 1,135 USD ) for each of the honourable mentions

The winner shall be announced publicly on September 26, 2016 .

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