Hiii Typography Design Competition 2014

Hiii Typography is an international typography design competition. Facing world-wide enterprises, design institutes, design companies, designers and students, it collects typography design works from any individual or group. based on the www.hiiibrand.com portal, through the competition, we hope we can improve the communication and development of typography design, discover talents, while award the people who devote themselves to the designs and excellent works around the world.

The competition has two groups: Latin and Chinese , for which three categories are set up respectively:

• Typeface – Typefaces intended for use in Latin-based/Chinese-based orthographies have historically made up the majority of submissions. Typeface designs should include a complete character set and a sample setting

• Communication – Submissions for this category should be design works that have already been applied in the market. Competition program can be all kinds of typography design, including but not limited to Advertisements, Annual Reports, Brochures, Books, Periodicals, Poster, Mark & Logotype, Identity, Branding, Signage & Display, Packaging, Digital Media, Interactive design, Environmental, Film / Video work / Motion logo / TV, Film title / Animation etc.

• Experimental – Experimental/Fine Art/Unpublished works, can be any works that have not been implemented or draft ones. No restriction to format, font, medium or form is set.

Early-Bird Deadline: September 21, 2014 (25% off entry fees).
Regular Deadline: November 30, 2014 . Eligibility Works must be typography designs being created from 2010 to 2014 . There’s no limitation on quantity, region or nationality. Entries from any company, group or individuals are eligible. Prize • Grand Prix : 1 entry
• Jury Award : 6 entries
• Gold Award : 6 entries (1 entry in each category)
• Silver Award : 12 entries (2 entries in each category)
• Bronze Award : 30 entries (5 entries in each category)
• Merit Award : 60 entries (10 entries in each category)

Works that win Grand Prix , Jury Awards , Gold , Silver or Bronze Awards will be published by New Graphic. Exclusive interviews will be arranged for winners of Grand Prix and Gold Awards.

There will be series exhibitions of Hiii Typography in different cities worldwide. Note: Any academic institutions and agencies are welcome to undertake the organization of exhibitions. Please contact Hiiibrand for details if you are interested.

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