iF Student Design Award 2016

The iF Student Design Award is one of the most internationally renowned as well as biggest young designers competition. It looks for concepts by students, graduates and young designers from all design disciplines, that represent a response to future challenges and that consider intelligent and contemporary design strategies.

To reflect the range of contributions, the iF Student Design Award accepts entries in six main disciplines:

• Product
• Packaging
• Communication
• Interior Architecture
• Architecture
• Fashion Design

Projects should not be older than two years by the time they are submitted. In addition to individual projects, works by small teams with no more than 4 team members will also be accepted. Every participant can register as many entries as he likes.

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Students and recent graduates that left university within the last two years are allowed to submit their entries. Prize The iF Student Design Award has a total prize money of 30,000 EUR ( approx. 33,780 USD ).

All winning entries will receive the iF Student Design Award logo. As an award winner you are entitled to use this logo for commercial purposes. Winning an iF Student Design Award not only signifies outstanding achievements in design, but also ensures that the universities of the award winners will receive points in the iF ranking university .


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