Typomania International Typography Video Festival

Focused on young, creative, energetic people, the international Typomania Typography Video Festival is an annual type, typography, calligraphy and video feast.

The aim of the festival is to collect and connect as many type fans as possible and turn them in to a professional community. Moreover, the festival aims also to popularize the typography culture, be sensitive to traditions and support the most daring interesting experiments and projects.

The competition of typographical videos is one of the key events of the Typomania festival. There are five categories:

• Main category
• Presentation of a typeface
• Movie titles ( commercial and student works )
• The visualisation of text ( songs, poems or other texts )
• «Typomania» category

Only videos containing type as the active component can participate in the contest. Videos must have been created during 2014-16 years. Individual authors, as well as creative groups, may take part in the event. Every contestant can send an unlimited number of entries.

The image size must not be less than 720×480 pixels. File size must not exeed 300 MB . Allowed formats: wmv, avi, mov, mp4, flv.

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open worldwide to designers, illustrators, animators. There are no age restrictions. Prize Various prizes will be awarded to the creators of the best typographical videos ( prizes for 2016 are yet to be announced ).

Typomania 2016 will be held in Moscow on 28-29 May 2016 .

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