Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography

This very brief “pocket guide” is for designers and developers who want to make better choices about type and build their typographic expertise. Successful typeface combinations are partly a matter of good taste, which can be tough to develop. And finding typefaces that work well together often takes more time than we (or our managers, or our spouses!) think it should.

The guide will give you a framework for efficient practice, lead you to founts of knowledge, and help you judge the work you see, including your own work. It will also encourage you to be selective, patient, and reasonable, focusing on web contexts and your design goals.

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Stockholms Typografiska Gille vill höja kvaliteten på svenska grafiska produkter. Vi debatterar och engagerar oss i utvecklingen inom vårt yrkesområde, studerar och samtalar om konsekvenserna av ny teknik. Vi kritiserar dålig grafisk kvalitet. Genom dessa aktiviteter hoppas vi kunna skapa en större medvetenhet hos såväl producenter av svenska grafiska produkter, beställare av grafisk form och typografi som hos den läsande konsumenten.