Henriette for NYTimes.com

Photo by Stephen Coles on Flickr.

Source: http://www.flickr.com. Uploaded to Flickr by Stephen Coles and tagged with “henriette”. License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike.

A New York Times article on Austrian real estate re-set entirely in Henriette.

Like Hochleitner’s Ingeborg, Henriette is a design so full of character at first glance that most folks will place it firmly in the category of display type, overlooking it as a text option. But it sets quite sober, readable text.

The only thing that makes me shy away is that the italics are noticeably lighter in color than their roman companions. This may not bother others, but I like my italic to be the same general weight or the emphasis is too stark. Still, what a lovely page this makes! Note the Black weight (a sophisticated Souvenir or Cooper Black) at the top and the Compressed in the sidebar.

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Fun with webfont swapping. Tools: FontShop’s WebFonter and Webtype’s Fontswapper.

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