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Michael Bierut | How to… book published by Thames & Hudson is the first monograph showcasing one of the world’s top graphic designers – stunning work throughout, the focus is on 35 of Beirut’s Projects, Each project personally selected by Beirut and he provides interesting insights into the creative process behind the work — the notebook / preliminary drawings are incredible – highly inspirational and a ‘must buy’…

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Michael Bierut | How to use graphic design to sellthings, explain things, make thingslook better, make people laugh, makepeople cry and (every once in a while)change the world

Michael Bierut is one of the worldʼs top graphic designers. Withprojects such as the Mad Men bench unveiled recently in NewYork, he is in high demand. Protégé of design legend MassimoVignelli and partner in the New York office of the internationaldesign firm Pentagram, Bierut has had one of the most variedcareers of any living graphic designer.

In his 25 years as partner at Pentagram he has worked withfootball teams, art museums, research scientists, and even peanutvendors. Each new project has led to fresh insights about thepower of graphic design. In this book, Bierut shares a selection ofthese projects and personally presents each one to the reader.Graphic design is a key part of our everyday lives which, moreoften than not, goes undetected. Every sign, magazine, poster,book, advert, TV show or digital interface will have been createdby a graphic designer. It is the most ubiquitous art form and yetvery few people are aware of the processes by which thesedesigns are created. How to… is the first book to accessiblyexpose these processes by revealing case studies fromthroughout Bierutʼs career.

The 35 projects presented illustrate the breadth of activity thatgraphic design encompasses today. Each project is told in Bierutʼsown entertaining voice and shown through historic images,preliminary drawings (including full-size reproductions of thenotebooks he has maintained for over 30 years), working modelsand rejected alternatives, as well as the finished work.

Along the way Bierut provides insights into the creative process,his working life, his relationship with clients, and the struggles thatany design professional faces in bringing innovative ideas to theworld. Inspiring, informative, authoritative and a real insight intothe mind-set of this design legend, How to… is set to be the bibleof graphic design ideas.

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1000 Illustrations, 1000 in colour
over 500 illustrations in colour


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