Many will wonder if this is lettering or typography. I think that doubt (or trick) lies at the heart of this project designed by Yani Arabena with Guille Vizzari and Ale Paul.

The script style from Quotes is fresh and has a deter­mined ductus that shows Yani’s passion for calligraphy. She is always experimenting with different tools to sketch letters, but ink and paper are constant­ly present in her projects.

The pointed brush is a tool that allows Yani to explore and try multiple potential forms, creating unique strokes and avoiding repetitive shapes.

The Quotes project arose from rescuing a number of unused sketches made for a client. Yani and her partner Guille decided to open the drawer they had been relegated to and give those drawings a second chance.

Quotes Script has a casual spirit with an elegant and dynamic rhythm, while the Caps style has a slightly more formal structure. Both complement each other and you can find letters connected or not, special ligatures, swashes and endings, a whole set of elements that increase the “lettering feel” of the word. In both styles you can see the personal touch where handmade brush lettering is given value and becomes very special.

Quotes was created in Buenos Aires, where the culture of poetic phrases, sayings, and aphorisms painted in the fileteado style became an emblematic artform for the city. They could be the offline version of the concept behind this project.

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