This Week in Fonts: Ferry by Erik Moberg

A monumental family from Hoefler & Co, a casual sans by Type Supply, a seaworthy display from Kyle

Wayne Benson, a ferry inspired face by Letters from Sweden, an extensive script family from Martina Flor, a strong grotesk by The Northern Block, a functional slab from ReType, and a bright iconset by Symbolset.

Hoefler & Co: Surveyor

A monumental family of typefaces designed for print and screen, and for sizes large and small.

Type Supply: Marigny

Designed by Tal Leming

A casual typeface that was drawn with serious typography in mind.

Kyle Wayne Benson: Maritime Champion

Designed by Kyle Wayne Benson

This peacoat grubbing, all hands on decking, accordion serenading font is not for the faint of heart. He’s all caps all the time.

Letters from Sweden: Ferry

Designed by Erik Moberg

The second contribution to Letters from Sweden’s “Fabrik Suite”.

Martina Flor: Wonderhand

Designed by Martina Flor

Wonderhand is new extensive family of scripts designed in six widths and 3 weights.

The Northern Block: Rein Grotesk

Designed by Jason Aitcheson

Rein Grotesk is a low contrast typeface with a strong, neutral personality.

ReType: Laski Slab

Designed by Paula Mastrangelo & Ramiro Espinoza

A comprehensive suite of 20 fonts conceived for editorial purposes.

Symbolset: SS Glyphish

Designed by Joseph Wain

Glyphish is an array of bright icons in two complementary styles.

Sponsored by Hoefler & Co.

This Week in Fonts

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