TYPO San Francisco Next Week

Excitement is building in the Bay Area, both at FontShop’s San Francisco office and the local (and not-so local) design community. For two inspiration-packed days, on Thursday April 10 and Friday April 11, some 30 international speakers will delight the audience at TYPO San Francisco “Rhythm” in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The organisation predicts a sell-out, so get your tickets sooner rather than later.

What sets TYPO SF from similar events is that its schedule boasts a high number of speakers you rarely can see in the United States (yet it also includes a fair share of local talent). It will give you the opportunity to rub elbows with the likes of iconic Dutch two-and-a-half dimensional typographer René Knip, Sydney-based typographer and artist Gemma O’Brien, German graphic and type designer and multimedia artist Yanone, Mexican typographic designer, illustrator and calligrapher Gabriel Martínez Meave, and my compatriots Jan W. Hespeel and Randoald Sabbe who now run one of the most awarded graphic design studios in Belgium.

Even though TYPO has evolved beyond the scope of mere typography, typoholics and typophiles can also get their fix. Besides the aforementioned René Knip, Gabriel Martínez Meave and Yanone, type director at Monotype Dan Rhatigan will provide insights into teamwork in type design, type designer Sibylle Hagmann will help you map your creative journey, Creative Director of Adobe Typekit and founder of typography magazine 8 Faces Elliot Jay Stocks will talk about Advanced Web Typography, and the Font Bureau’s David Jonathan Ross will dive into the wondrous world of reversed-stress typefaces.

So register for an exciting two-day creative journey which will leave you re-energised and inspired. Read the TYPO San Francisco Blog to learn all about speakers and attendees, and everything in between. Make sure you have enough energy left for the closing TYPO Afterparty at Public Works Loft, and TypeHack, the post-TYPO typography hackathon at Hattery. I’d say “See you there” if I wasn’t half a continent away in Minneapolis, but have fun without me nonetheless. And can somebody please swipe one of those awesome Antithesis tote bags for me? Thanks!

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