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An “old Hollywood” inspired sans from Jessica Hische, a harmonious family by Laura Worthington, a contemporary serif from Grilli Type, a stylish slab by FaceType, a gentle sans from Production Type, a versatile sans by Tour De Force, a brush inspired face from Commercial Type, and a calligraphic script by Aerotype.Gå till ILoveTypography »

Jessica Hische: Silencio Sans

Designed by Jessica Hische

The name Silencio references silent films, but this font would feel as at home in magazines, invitations, and fancy food packaging as it does on the silver screen.

Laura Worthington: Adorn

Designed by Laura Worthington

Adorn arms designers with a breathtakingly large number of faces that work harmoniously, despite the distinctiveness of each.

Grilli Type: GT Sectra

Designed by Marc Kappeler, Dominik Huber & Noël Leu

A contemporary serif typeface combining the calligraphy of the broad nip pen with the sharpness of the scalpel.

FaceType: Adria Slab

Designed by Marcus Sterz

Adria Slab is a stylish slab serif that comes in seven weights and charming upright italics.

Production Type: Cogito

Designed by Jean-Baptiste Levée

Initially designed as a personal remix of mechanically engineered typefaces, Cogito has all the clarity of its models but with a calmer tone.

Tour De Force: Hedon

Designed by Dusan Jelesijevic

Hedon is a neutral, versatile and legible partner for any kind of publication.

Commercial Type: Gabriello

Designed by Paul Barnes & Miguel Reyes

Gabriello is slanted on two axes, both horizontally and vertically, giving the energy of a script without causing production problems.

Aerotype: Arbordale

Designed by Stephen Miggas

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