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A highly functional sans by HVD Fonts, a powerful script from Dai Foldes, a hard working slab by Fort Foundry, a charming script from Drew Melton, an energetic script by Laura Worthington, a unique text face from Canada Type, a versatile sans by Stone Type Foundry, and an ambitious slab from Hoftype.


HVD Fonts: Brix Sans

Designed by Hannes von Döhren & Livius Dietzel

Brix Sans is a family of 6 weights with matching italics, which works perfectly for corporate & editorial design. Combined with Brix Slab, high and complex typographical challenges can be solved.

Dai Foldes: Globe Script

Designed by Dai Foldes

With tenacious rhythm and dynamic connections, Globe Script gives power to your headings and overlays.

Fort Foundry: Factoria

Designed by Mattox Shuler

Born out of Industry, Factoria is a geometric, square slab. The hard-working family can jump from the side of an industrial building and into a sports magazine in a jiffy.

Drew Melton: Ballpoint Script

Designed by Drew Melton

Ballpoint Script’s smooth, single-weight lines and charming variations provide the ideal balance of humanity and clarity.

Laura Worthington: Voltage

Designed by Laura Worthington

Voltage is an unexpected and energetic standout in the world of script fonts, breaking free from formal classifications while retaining the degree of personality we treasure in hand lettering.

Canada Type: Dokument Pro

Designed by Jim Rimmer

Dokument Pro’s range of weights, styles and features allows for multi-application versatility and clear, precise emotional delivery.

Stone Type Foundry: Magma II

Designed by Sumner Stone

Magma II is a rare sans serif typeface family designed explicitly for use in both text and display applications.

Hoftype: Orgon Slab

Designed by Dieter Hofrichter

Orgon Slab consists of 16 styles and is well suited for ambitious typography.

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