International Design For All Foundation Awards 2015

The 6th edition of the International Design for All Foundation Awards recognise achievements in the field of design for all, great and small, by governments, businesses, not-for-profit organisations and professionals from all over the world.

In so doing, they aim to demonstrate that the implementation of design for all/universal design in any form contributes towards improving quality of life for everyone.

Each year an international jury will select the 5 ” Best Practices ” out of all the Good Practices submitted to be presented with the International Design for All Foundation Award . These will be the examples which stand out in terms of their impact and which indicate the way ahead for better implementation of design for all/universal design.

Candidates may submit entries in one of the following categories:

• Space, products and service already in use
• Projects, proposal, initiatives, methodologies and studies

Entry is free to members of the Design for All Foundation and to members of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Non-members should pay the following fee:

• 250 Euro if the final user/client does not have to pay anything to use the service or product.
• 1,000 Euro if the final user has to pay to obtain or use the product or service.

Should your organisation be unable to afford the entry fee, you can contact the Design for All Foundation to let them consider your situation. Eligibility The awards are open to public and private organisations, governments, professionals, not-for-profit organisations, networks, associations, consortia or any other type of union of organisations, temporary or permanent, as long as they are formally established as such, from any country . Prize Entries which are selected as Good Practices will receive a certificate and will have the right to:

• The use of the Good Practice logo in materials relating to the product or service.

• Publication of the Good Practice on the Design for All Foundation website and international networks, social networks and other communication channels.

• Inclusion of the Good Practice as reference material in the Design for All Foundation library.

• Free attendance at the award ceremony at Urbaccess , exhibition Accessibility and Design for All, from 10 to 11 March in Paris.

• Space to exhibit a poster showing the Good Practice at the Design for All Foundation stand at Urbaccess, the European Accessibility and Design for All Exhibition, or alternatively a 20% discount on the hire of a stand at the exhibition.

Of the Good Practices , 5 will be selected by the jury to receive the Design for All Foundation Awards 2015 . A maximum of 2 awards will be allocated in the proposals and initiatives category.

In addition to the benefits obtained by being selected as a Good Practice , award winners will receive a trophy and will have the right to:

• A year’s free membership of the Design for All Foundation’s international networks, currently Towns and Cities for All , and User-Centred Business , and enjoy the benefits these have to offer.

Enter the most prestigious Typography Competition in the world. The Communication Arts Typography 2015 Competition.

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