This Week in Fonts

An eroded display by HVD Fonts, a wide sans from Type Dynamic, an inline slab by Yellow Design Studio, a versatile monoline from Parachute, a geometric sans by Graviton, an elegant script from Fenotype, an experimental face by Onrepeat, and a titling face from Type Together.

HVD Fonts: Brandon Printed

Designed by Hannes von Döhren

An eroded, printed look with four variations of every letter.

Type Dynamic: Pieta

A wide sans type family inspired by old typeface lettering from Netherlands.

Yellow Design Studio: Gist

Designed by Ryan Martinson

An inline slab serif with a retro yet contemporary vibe.

Parachute: Bague Sans Pro

Designed by Panos Vassiliou

A versatile monoline typeface with a distinct and eye-catching personality.

Graviton: Gubia

Designed by Pablo Balcells

A geometric, sans serif typeface with a slightly condensed design.

Fenotype: The Carpenter

Designed by Emil Karl Bertell

An elegant and versatile connected script family of three weights.

Onrepeat: Port

Designed by João Oliveira

An experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist.

Type Together: Abril Titling

Designed by José Scaglione & Veronika Burian

A low contrast typeface for headlines.

Sponsored by H&FJ.

This Week in Fonts

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