Hiii Illustration 2015 International Competition

The Hiii Illustration 2015 International Competition is open to all illustrators, creative professionals, publishers, agencies, representatives, students and teachers from all the world.



The Competition has two categories:

• Commercial – The illustration works commissioned by agencies in the form of posters, ads, CDs, packages, books, magazines, newspaper, other publication (including digital formatting), movies, televisions, videos, animations or websites, etc. which have been published, produced, or applied for in practice.

• Non-commercial – Self-initiated, commissioned but not published, personal or experi­mental work, which has not been commissioned or published, etc.

There is no limit to how many works each illustrator can submit. The single entry can be with just one illustration. The series entry can include no more than ten different illustrations. If the number of illustrations is over ten, the committee only chooses the ten of them for judging.

The participator whose works entered into the second round judging will be informed around some time November . The Organizing Committee will announce the finalists in January 2016 .

Entry fee: The first round judging is free . The second round judging fees is 20 USD single entry / 40 USD series. Eligibility Any illustration works, first created or published from 2012 through 2015 are eligible. Entries may be from any country in the world. Prize Several international well-known judges will select the winners, consisting of:

• 1 Grand Prix
• 4 International Jury Award
• 20 Best of the Best
• 200 Merit Award