International Young Package Competition 2016

What is the life cycle of packaging and why does most of it end up in the trash after use? Model Obaly announces the 21st year of the International Young Package Competition inviting students and young designers to create imaginative and multi-functional packages related to the topic ’ Package Unlimited ’.

Packaging design has a special position not only in design, marketing and transport, but also in how it affects the environment. Paper waste makes up about 25% of household waste and it cannot be recycled indefinitely.

The contest is looking for imaginative, multi-functional and detailed packages that can be used for several purposes. Create an innovative package and show how packaging doesn’t have to end up in the trash.

There are two categories:

• University students and young designers up to 30 years of age
• High-school students

Material used for competition work must be material that can be polygraphically processed and of the type used by the company Model Obaly , mainly a whole range of corrugated cardboard, smooth and mock-up board.

Model Obaly also uses polypropylene films, further printed and formed, and packaging made of a smooth cardboard. Designs combining both the cardboard and the polypropylene film shall be accepted for the competition. Model Obaly processes other types of paper and cardboard that may be used for competition entry ( detailed description of materials and their properties can be found on the competition website ).

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open to students and young designers up to 30 years of age from all around the world. Prize The winners will receive 70,000 CZK ( approx. 2,780 USD ) altogether and one of the winners will be also chosen for a three-week remunerated internship at the Model Obaly Innovation Centre .

Other winners can look forward to prizes donated by the competition partners. This year, special prizes from CZECHDESIGN and the jury will also be awarded.

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