Your guide to the best Google web fonts | Whats the Closest Google Font?

I have asked myself ”What’s the closest Google font to…” so many times that I have made an answer. Save yourself the hours of looking through hundreds of Google fonts.  Enjoy!

Example: Avenir ≈ Nunuto font

This is my criteria to choose ”the closest Google font”:

  1. Most importantly, does the letter spacing create a sentence of comparable length?
  2. Is the weight the same?
  3. Is the x-height similar?
  4. Do the acenders and decenders match? ( g, y, and q)
  5. Everything else, termimals, ears, finials, shoulders, and especially tails and loops.

We have all received design from a client with non-web safe fonts.  The client does not want to pay the licensing, and you don’t want to break the law.  So you are stuck trying to find a needle in the haystack that is the Google Web Fonts. Stop searching.

Your guide to the best Google web fonts | Whats the Closest Google Font?.

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